Online Casinos Fun Facts

Nowadays, gambling is known as a social activity or a great pastime. Although some people might think gambling is a not-so-old activity, it is! But, through years it has been developed and it has evolved in a manner nobody would think it is an ancient social activity. Thanks to this evolution, gamblers constantly wonder about what is the history of gambling. However, many of them just want to know what are the changes of this pastime and if there are any fun details within the history. Well, actually there are! Here are some:

  • 1. The first casino ever was built in 1638, in the lovely city of Venice, Italy. The activities inside this building were dancing, music and, of course, gambling.
  • 2. Massachusetts was the first city to forbid gambling but this law was passed back in 1638, the same year that the first building was created.
  • 3. The first dice used for playing were the same that were used to predict the future by tribesmen.
  • 4. Is in 1931 that gambling is finally legalized. The first city which legalized it was Nevada.
  • 5. Las Vegas has a great number of slots that is why is well-known for being the city if gambling.
  • 6. Currently, online casinos offer a huge list of slots including the classic ones, video slots games and some of them, the Wheel of Fortune.
  • 7. According to some studies, most of the gamblers cheat more at private games than in special gambling events.
  • 8. In Bingo, there are at least 44 million ways to win on the ticket of 90 numbers.
  • 9. Big casinos sites sometimes are called blue chips. Why? On poker blue chips are higher than red and white chips.

Within the history of gambling, there are even more facts. No matter if it is a casino online or a normal one. Interesting, right?