Everything You Need To Know About Soccer Field Dimensions

When it comes to soccer field measurements, it is worth noting that the dimensions are uniform, regardless of the level of play. According to FIFA, for professional events which involves 11 players for each team, the soccer field ought to have a span of 100 to 130 yards and a width between 50 to 100 yards. Soccer fields in United Kingdom are believed to be smaller than that consequential to more physical games. Meanwhile, in South America, the fields are much bigger giving more space and time on the ball.
For recreational soccer, playing on a smaller soccer field is suggested. By doing this, players will surely make the game enjoyable and learning is more achievable. The size of the playing field should be proportional to the size of the player. In a big field, recreational players would waste their time running and turn out to be tired by half time. Thus, the kicks will be much longer.
Another problem of playing recreational soccer in a large field is that teaching strategies and team play is unlikely. Smaller soccer fields are most excellent for average players who are slower and lack stamina, which is usually common in 50% to 75% of recreational players.

The Penalty Area

This is the area where the goalkeeper usually uses their hands and fouls are punished. It includes the penalty spot, which is 12 yards away from the goal and the six-yard box 6 yards further from the goal. The top portion of this box includes a small arc commonly referred to as “the D.” It has a radius of 10 yards and has no purpose in the rules of soccer but merely serves as a guide for the players.

The Goal

Not considering of the level of play, the goal has a uniform measurement of 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide.

Center Circle

It divides the soccer field into two zones and is where the kickoff takes place. No player is allowed to cross their area until kickoff commences. It has a 10-yard circle in it and only the two players kicking off is allowed to stand within the inner circle.
Although soccer field measurements remain unchanged regardless of the players competing, the rules of the game allows the dimensions to be smaller for female players, persons with disabilities, or those who are under 16 years old and more than 35 years of age.